About Me

Hey there! Thanks for visiting my ‘about me’ page. My name is Rita and I’m a natural health enthusiast & blogger. I thought I’d add this page to serve as a mini-bio so you can learn more about me.

I originally created this website to share my experience with all of the different natural health & beauty products I’ve come across over the years, and thanks to user requests, I continue to add more articles and reviews as often as I can. I also like to add tips and guides around health topics that interest me, or things I have experience with.

Everything you read on this website is based on my own personal opinion and experience and occasionally comments from genuine users and friends if I’m reviewing a product.  These comments are kept anonymous unless requested otherwise. Also, nothing on this website is designed to replace medical advice – so if you’re here looking for the solution to a health problem then please seek advice from a professional – because my website isn’t qualified or designed to offer this.

I aim to create a useful resource for people interested in natural health & beauty – and I appreciate your help – so feel free to leave a comment if you have something specific you’d like me to review, an opinion to share, or just to show your support.

Please note: I do not accept free samples in exchange for positive reviews. However, this site may receive a small commission for referring a customer to some of the products mentioned on this site. This doesn’t affect the ‘quality’ of the recommendation or my opinion of the product in general – and the money goes towards additional research, web hosting, and general maintenance of my website.

I hope you find my site useful and thanks for stopping by!