Bowtrol Colon Cleanser – My Detailed Review & Thoughts

Please note: If you’re planning to order Bowtrol, make sure that you order from the official website, so you don’t accidentally purchase one of the cheaper “knock-off” imitation brands which don’t give the same results.

Okay… So colon cleansing is perhaps one of the most popular “detox” methods out there right now, and there’s certainly no shortage of products which claim to give your colon a full, safe, and healthy detoxification. But the truth is that not all of them are worth the money or even safe to use.

One of the most popular ‘colon cleanse’ products around is called Bowtrol. In this review, I’m going to dig into the details of this supplement and find out whether it really lives up to the hype.

To do this, I’m going to be looking at the various claims the product makes, the ingredients it uses, how it works, and finally, I’ll show you some of the comments I’ve heard from the people I know who have a genuine experience with this product (not just myself). So by the time you’ve finished reading, you’re going to have a good idea about how Bowtrol works and if it can deliver the benefits you’re looking for. With this in mind, let’s get started.

Firstly, many people suffer from a ‘sensitive’ digestion, and it can really affect your life in more ways than you think. It causes people to miss work, skip social occasions (unless you know you have quick access to a bathroom), and it can even make you skip many recreational activities altogether due to the insecurity and embarrassment the condition can entail. It forces you to be very careful about what you eat, otherwise you can quickly begin to suffer from bloating, gas, constipation, or worse.

But there are things you can do to improve the overall effectiveness of your digestive system, and for many people, colon cleansing is one of them. With a clear, clean, healthy colon, you will be able to absorb a greater amount of vitamins and nutrients, (which can lead to improved energy and vitality), kick start or boost your weight loss plan (shedding several pounds very quickly due to the initial colon cleanse), and generally achieve a sense of improved health and well-being.

All of these things are certainly desirable – but is Bowtrol really the best colon cleansing product to use? To answer this, let’s begin by examining the claims it makes.

The Claims

There are three main products in the Bowtrol line, so let’s look at them individually. First, there is ‘Bowtrol Colon Control‘. This is designed for people with a sensitive digestion system, and it promises to replenish good bacteria, protect against digestive upsets, restore you natural digestive balance, and even improve lactose intolerance.

Next, we have Bowtrol Probiotic, which is less of a ‘cleansing’ product and more of a probiotic supplement. It boasts of containing a massive 9 billion live probiotic cells, which is around 5 times more than you would find in yogurt (but of course, this comes without the extra calories or potentially upsetting ingredients that yogurt contains). Increasing the ratio of good bacteria like this can certainly help to improve your overall digestion, too.

Finally, the main product, Bowtrol Colon Cleanse, promises to aid weight loss, increase energy, and relieve constipation. It will also help to stop occasional bloating and gas.

The entire Bowtrol range promises to deliver long-term health benefits, support nutritional balance, and enhance body detoxification.

Thankfully, Bowtrol isn’t making any ridiculous “weight loss miracle” claims which some colon cleansers can be tempted to make. While colon cleansing does offer some benefits, it’s certainly not a miracle solution, and it isn’t an alternative to following a healthy diet and exercise routine if weight loss is your primary goal.

The Company

The creator of Bowtrol is a company called Health Buy Ltd. They’ve been around since 1996, so they’ve been established for a fair few years now, and they’ve also been members of the Natural Products Association since 2002.

They have a good reputation for delivering quality products in the health community, and the company has cleared the FDA, as well as having no complaints with the BBB, so there isn’t any red flags here. Next, let’s take a look at some of the main benefits that Bowtrol can provide.

Relieve Irritable Bowel Syndrome Naturally

One of the reasons why you may like to try Bowtrol is if you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, commonly known as IBS. This often goes hand in hand with having a sensitive digestive system, and it poses a real problem for many people. Fortunately, Bowtrol is perhaps one of the best colon cleansing products to use if you’re struggling with IBS, as it will help to relieve many of the most frustrating systems, and it is especially good at relieving constipation (there’s also a clinical study which shows it’s constipation-relieving benefits, which I’ll come to next).

Clinical Studies Demonstrate It’s Effectiveness

While there are many similar colon cleansers available, few of them use the same ingredients as Bowtrol, and even fewer of them have clinical studies which prove their usefulness. In a double-blind study by global clinical in 2009, the Bowtrol Colon Cleanse product in particular, was shown to relieve constipation safely and effectively.

While this isn’t an earth-shattering claim to make, it does show that the product genuinely works, and combined with the reviews from real users of the product, it’s easy to see why this is one of the top colon cleansers on the market.

A Natural Formula With No Side Effects

The natural formula used in all of the Bowtrol products will actively work to calm and relax the digestive tract, rather than stimulate more agitation or discomfort (which is definitely the last thing you want if you have sensitive digestion or bloating). It works to eliminate those sensations of “urgency” to visit the bathroom, and it also soothes the feeling of constipation or diarrhea, so it really is ideal for people with sensitive digestion.

The Ingredients

To understand what sets Bowtrol apart, it’s worth taking a closer look at the ingredients it uses within the formula. Many of these are natural ingredients which have been used by many different cultures for centuries due to their medicinal and digestive properties. When combined together in the Bowtrol range, they manage to deliver many useful health-improving benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the key ingredients:

Chinese rhubarb stem – this helps to cure chronic constipation symptoms, and encourages colon stimulation, which keeps your bowels moving regularly.

Cascara sagrada root – this has long been used by native Americans for it’s laxative and healing properties, and it’s also used in several of the leading colon cleansing products. This is one of the best ingredients for keeping you ‘regular’, too.

Bentonite clay – this works to detoxify your digestive system and boost your immune system by cleansing the liver and colon especially.

Aloe vera leaf – the medicinal properties of aloe vera are already well known, but its purpose in this product is to relax the intestine and reduce the number of harmful bacteria which can survive in the colon.

Flax seeds – these are a great source of fiber (and they also have healthy omega-3 fatty acids), so these are a great addition to any colon cleansing supplement.

Senna leaf – this is a popular cleansing herb which has long been used for its laxative and healing properties.

Probiotics – the Bowtrol products contain around 9 billion live probiotic cells, which greatly help to restore the natural balance of your digestive system.

Additionally, there are several supporting ingredients such as black cumin, garlic extract, peppermint leaf (which helps to calm and relax your stomach), olive leaf, and many more. When these ingredients are combined into one product, it’s easy to see how Bowtrol can be very effective at what it aims to do.

So What Are The Real Users Saying?

Many people I’ve talked to have said that Bowtrol gives them an improved feeling of energy, and some of them lost anywhere from 4 lbs to 7 lbs, simply from the initial cleansing process which reduces the amount of fecal matter within the lining of the colon. All users have reported that it made their bowel movements more regular, and it has also helped to ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

It’s important to point out that this can be a useful addition to a weight loss program, but it isn’t a permanent solution for weight loss at all. This is best viewed as a kickstart to weight loss, and a solid detoxification method to improve your health in general. It’s not unusual to feel additional energy and a greater sense of “well-being” after a colon cleanse, and it’s the perfect time to begin a healthier lifestyle if you wish to make improvements with your diet.

Overall, there haven’t been any significant negatives to be said about this product – but the people who I spoke to were already aware that this isn’t a “miracle weight loss solution” or anything similar to that. So if your expectations are in line with what colon cleansing can reasonably deliver, then you’re likely to be delighted with the results.


  • Safely relieves constipation.
  • Boosts your natural sense of energy and well-being.
  • Uses natural, safe ingredients, which are unlikely to cause any negative side effects.
  • Improves the natural balance of good and bad bacteria, enhancing your digestive system.
  • Can help to ease the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Provides one of the best and most affordable colon cleanses possible.


  • This isn’t suitable for you if you’re pregnant.
  • It can take a few weeks to experience the best benefits this product can offer.
  • It has been known to cause stomach cramps if you take the product for too long, but if you follow the instructions, this is unlikely to happen, so this is something to be aware of when you’re using this.

My Conclusion

Overall, Bowtrol gets my recommendation as one of the best colon cleansing and digestive-system-enhancing products available. It doesn’t make any over-the-top claims, but it does achieve the promises that it does make. It’s backed by a trusted company, has clinical studies to back up its effectiveness, and it has an large volume of positive feedback from people who understand the benefits of colon cleansing. So if you’re looking for a reliable colon cleanser, you really can’t go wrong by giving Bowtrol a fair try.

If you’re thinking of placing an order, do make sure you visit the official website, as they are currently giving away additional free bottles with certain packages, which means you get great value for money when you order from the official source rather than a third party.

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