The Venus Factor – Review By Rita Brooks

Please note: this is my detailed review of the Venus Factor program. If you’re looking to visit the official website directly, you can find it by clicking here.

But if you’re looking for some detailed insight from a real customer (yes, I actually bought a copy with my own money!) then keeping reading.

Okay, so I have some personal experience with The Venus Factor system, and a few members of a popular online health forum I often visit asked me to share some of my thoughts. So I decided to put together a comprehensive review, which should hopefully shed some light on the subject 🙂

I’ve found that it’s can be difficult to find objective reviews of this one. There’s been a lot of marketing hype surrounding it, so a lot of the real user reviews are lost in the whirlwind of online advertising.

Unfortunately it’s difficult to single out the objective reviews from the ones that just try to sell it to you. However, this doesn’t reflect much on the actual system itself, and as I’ve followed this program for a little while now I feel like I’m in a position to give some detailed insight.

So in this review, I’m going to cover the main claims the programs makes, who created it, what you actually get when you buy, who this system is best suited for, and what my own experiences have been from following what the system teaches. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll hopefully have a better idea about whether this is something that’s right for you. So without any further introduction, let’s get to it!

The Claims

To start with, let’s take a look at some of the claims on the sales page. One of their boldest claims is that you ‘shouldn’t diet like a man’, which at first glance, seems to fly in the face in a lot of mainstream diet / fitness advice you’ve undoubtedly seen before – after all, most weight loss advice makes little distinction between the genders. However, they creators of this system cite plenty of research to back up this claim.

So what’s the big difference? Primarily, this is due to the effects of a hormone known as Leptin, and how it works differently in a woman’s body.

In fact, they say this is one of the main reasons why it’s often harder for women to lose weight compared to men. Again, there is research to suggest a woman’s body can be up to 3 times less responsive to Leptin’s ‘fat burning’ signal when compared to a man, even though, interestingly, a woman’s body also contains double the amount of Leptin!

So why the problem? The main issue is ‘Leptin resistance’, which makes your fat-burning hormones grind to a halt, slows your metabolism, and often makes the process of losing weight a gruelling, frustrating experience, filled with plateaus and discouraging progress.

They say this is why many traditional dieting strategies for women are doomed for failure (or are less effective than they ought to be) simply because they don’t take into account the unique hormonal balance considerations that can not only make a huge difference in the rate of weight loss, but also where the weight loss primarily comes from.

Their answer to this is obviously their program, which is built with these issues in mind. They tackle this with a variety of unique ‘Metabolic Override’ strategies, which help you to lose fat from those stubborn areas, reduce food cravings, prevent weight loss plateaus, increase your metabolism, and most promisingly, give you noticeable fat loss from those stubborn problem areas around your hips, stomach, thighs, and butt!

Sounds promising, right? But let’s take a further look into some of the key aspects this program has to offer before we make any decisions.

The Venus Index

The ‘Venus Index’ is something unique to this system, and the nice thing about this is that it shows you to calculate your ideal body shape and physique. Now, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach that tries to shoe horn you into a specific  physique. Instead, it begins with your height (which obviously cannot change), then uses this measurement to calculate your ideal (and achievable!) proportions. It’s actually similar to the process a sculptor might use when planning a statue.

Your waist will ideally be 30% of your height, and once you have this number, you multiply it by 1.42 to give your ideal hip measurement. Finally, the waist measurement is multiplied by 1.618 to give your ideal shoulder measurement.

Of course, while working to meet these measurements can be a fun challenge and keep you pointing in the right direction, I still think it’s important not to take this dogmatically and beat yourself up over it. However, it’s still nice to see how you can work towards these ideals over time, and because they’re based on your own unique measurements, you will find it’s actually possible to achieve these goals over time.

Remember, it’s not like you’re trying to force yourself to be a specific dress size! It’s more about finding the ideal proportions for your unique self. Additionally, knowing your ‘Venus Index’ means you can focus on your weak areas first, so you can get the best transformation possible, without having to live in the gym!

This is something that makes the program stand out from many other alternatives, which tend to rely on a one-size-fits-all approach. This system will show you the specific areas you need to work on, and it gives you a customized diet and workout plan which will focus on your priority areas.

The Virtual Nutritionist

This aspect of the course is a software application which is designed to calculate your exact calorie requirements, and also designate your precise macronutrients. This may sound overly complicated, but in reality, all of the difficult work is handled by the software, so it takes a lot of the headache out of calculating these things. You just need to follow the instructions, input your statistics, and it gives you fairly accurate information that will aide you in reaching your goals.

Based on the advice you’ll get from the virtual nutritionist, you’ll know which foods to eat, how much to eat, and equally important – when you should eat (which can relate to sleep habits, your exercise routine, and more – it’s all explained in detail in the main guide).

You’ll also learn certain foods which can affect your leptin levels, as well as a few proven nutrients and herbs which can increase the effects leptin at certain times during the day, which in turn, helps you burn more fat. As you can see, this goes a little more in-depth than your standard diet strategy, but it’s quite straight-forward in practice, when you’re actually doing it.

The Strategic Workouts

A key part of the Venus Factor system is the strategic workout plans, which you follow in 12 week cycles. These workouts include a mixture of cardio and strength training, so it covers all the bases, and you’ll be losing weight and toning up at the same time – which is always a plus! The type of  workouts you’ll perform will also vary depending on which stage of the program you’re in, but it’s all explained and tracked easily once you’ve read through the entire program.

If you’re new to working out regularly, it’s still possible to ease your way into these routines, and all of the technique is carefully explained in pdf books as well as online videos, so you’re not going to get stuck or confused. In fact, there’s over 130 demonstration videos which explain every workout type, so you shouldn’t be left struggling at any stage of the program, and it’s all very progressive.

While 130 videos may seem overwhelming, your day to day workouts won’t be very complicated at all. Most of the program can be performed in the comfort of your own home – you’ll just need to some basic equipment, such as an exercise mat and dumbbells. Later on, you may like to use a bench for some movements, but you won’t necessarily have to join a gym to follow this program because the equipment requirements are very minimal.

This was a real god-send for me, because even though I have a gym membership, it can still be difficult to find the time when life keeps you busy. But being able to follow the routine at home makes it much easier to stay consistent, which of course, is one of the keys to success with any health / fitness program. In the end, you’ll only need to workout 3 times a week to follow the program correctly – which is usually quite manageable when you’re really motivated to make a change.

As I said earlier, the workout plan lasts for 12 weeks, but this is actually split into 3 different cycles of 4 weeks. It can seem a little daunting when you’re just starting out, but if you print the workout you’re following  each week and plan it all in advance, it should be relatively simple to follow. This is how I did it, and it worked okay for me.

It’s worth pointing out that the workouts are based on scientifically proven training principles, so it’s not like a gimmicky celebrity workout video. Surprisingly, despite some of the hype surrounding this program, it focuses on tried and tested methods of strength training, with plenty of lower body work (essential for getting that feminine physique), with some shoulders, chest, back, arms, and core work thrown in strategically at the right times. This ensures you’ll have a lean, toned look – without going overboard and looking too muscular.

The Venus Immersion Community

The final key aspect of the system is the ‘immersion community’, which is really just a fancy name for a members only forum. However, this is actually a great place to talk with other people who are following the program, and it’s a great source of inspiration and encouragement along the way.

Let’s face it, usually members-only forums like this can be a little stale after a few months, but there’s actually a nice community here which will help to keep you motivated and accountable along the way if you choose to make the most of it. What’s more, there’s several competitions run throughout the year by the Venus Factor team, and the winners are interviewed over podcast. It’s inspiring to see how people have made big transformations, just by following this program and applying a little hard work. This can really help you out on those days where you’re not feeling as motivated.

The Creator

The main person behind this program is a guy called John Barban, who holds a degree in nutrition and human anatomy from the University of Florida. He also has extensive knowledge of the supplement industry which he was a part of for many years. Additionally, Brad Pilon and Brad Howard helped to create the program, who are both respected members of the wider fitness community online (with Brad Pilon being known for his Eat Stop Eat guide which helped to popularize modern day Intermittent Fasting strategies).

Overall, everyone behind the Venus Factor system is known for their expertise and knowledge regarding health, fitness, and exercise – with each contributor being well trusted and highly regarded members of the online fitness community. It’s nice to see these guys aren’t just marketers looking to make a quick buck – they genuinely have fresh, helpful knowledge to share that’s backed by decades of real life experience and scientific research, so they’re people worth listening to when it comes to health & fitness.

What Do You Get?

So what do you actually get when you buy? First, you have the main manual, which gives you a 12-week breakdown of the system. This gives you the full dieting program to use over the next 12 weeks, with the aim of keeping you full, reducing cravings, and helping you to shed the stubborn body fat that plagues those difficult-to-lose areas.

It also gives some interesting hormone advice that you’ve likely never seen anywhere else, that’s backed by the latest research (and the creator’s own experience after decades of training people in the real world). Their dieting paradigm really seems to be very effective, particularly for people who are holding fat in those stubborn locations.

Next, you have the exercise strategies and demonstration videos, which give you the specific fat burning and muscle toning workouts you’ll need over the next 12 weeks to really get in shape and boost your fat loss results. The videos make it very easy to learn the routines, so even if you’re a beginner this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Another feature is the Virtual Nutritionist software which shows you what to eat and when. This isn’t a highly restrictive ‘healthy eating’ plan that’s is impossible to stick to. In fact, the software even allows you to have foods like pasta, pizza, ice cream, and chocolate – as long as it’s at the right stage of the cycle. Of course, this isn’t a free license to stuff your face with whatever you feel like eating! But it’s nice to know that you don’t have to be super-strict, just as long as you’re following their fundamental principles.

Also, this isn’t about strict low carbing or slavishly counting calories – it’s more about keeping your hormones in check and allowing the fat burning response to kick into overdrive at the most important times, so you actually burn fat instead of feeling hungry, having no energy… and still not seeing any results.

The software helps you to calculate accurate calorie intake and body measurements, which ensures you don’t just lose weight and gain a ‘skinny-fat’ appearance, but actually develop the kind of feminine physique you’re looking for, to match the ‘Venus Index’ ideal proportions, which can give you the perfect figure if you really commit to it.

Finally, you’re given access to the Venus Factor Community, which is a secret forum for customers only. This is a great place to share progress and be inspired by other members who have had success with the system. This can be very motivating, because it shows you the kind of results you could achieve if you’re willing to work for it.

What Are People Saying?

In general, this program gets very good reviews from customers and professional reviewers alike. I’ve rarely seen a bad word said about this program from other bloggers, and there’s hundreds of happy users inside the members only forum who are happy to share their results, along with their glowing praise for the system.

The only negative comments I’ve seen are from people who were not really the ideal candidates for this course – because this isn’t for everyone. If you have a lot of weight to lose, this may be too challenging right now, so you might want to come back to it a little later down the line.

There’s no shame in sticking to standard ‘eat less, move more’ diet principles until you’re ready for more of a serious program. But after a few months of clean dieting and cardio, I think any one would be able to complete these workouts if they really want to. There’s certainly far more challenging diet & workout programs out there, but this one strikes a nice balances between effectiveness and ease of use.

The Pros

  • While the diet and workout strategies are obviously best used together, you can actually get some excellent weight loss results just by following the virtual nutritionist guidelines and following the diet principles. This aspect alone knocks the socks off most fad diet systems out there, and it’s based on real research instead of crackpot ideas and gimmicks.
  • You don’t experience many cravings while following the diet. This is because it helps to balance out and repair your leptin resistance, so you shouldn’t get those sudden sugar cravings like other diets either. This makes it easy to follow over the long haul, and it even allows for a few of your favorite treats, too.
  • The Venus Factor community forum is a great resource for motivation and inspiration, especially if you don’t have a regular gym circle in real life. Having people around to keep you motivated is invaluable whenever you’re taking on the challenge of physical transformation.
  • The Venus Index calculator gives you a unique insight into body recomposition, and shows you the exact areas you need to focus on to make the most of yourself. Instead of killing yourself in the gym trying to make progress, you can simply focus on a few key workouts that target your trouble areas, and see real results in a shorter time period.
  • There’s no expensive equipment required, and you don’t even need to go to the gym to complete these workouts. This means you could even cancel your gym membership if you want (I have!)
  • It’s perhaps the only program out there designed to give you a well toned, slim, feminine figure. It will help you to get lean and toned, rather than making you look like you live in the gym, or making you super skinny and lose your natural feminine curves. This strikes a nice balance for most women, I think. You’ll get lean in the right places, but you’ll gain curves in the right places, too.

The Cons

  • This is a serious program for people who are serious about getting results. This means it requires more effort, time, and dedication that some alternatives out there. However, it does take less time than say, P90x, but nonetheless, it still requires some commitment to get the most out of it.
  • This isn’t a program designed with massive weight loss in mind. If you have a lot of weight to lose, you may want to focus on clean dieting and cardio for a few months before investing in this program. While it will still certainly work for people with 50lbs + to lose, it will take longer to see the same kind of results – so you may want to focus more on the cardio aspects of the workout program. But don’t let me discourage you, there’s several success stories of people using this program to lose a lot of weight, so this can work for you if you want it to!

The Money Back Guarantee

This system comes with a full 60 day money back guarantee, which means if you’re not happy for any reason, then you can claim a refund just by emailing the creators. They won’t give you any hassle or trouble, because they’re well aware that this course isn’t for everyone, and they’re not trying to cater to everyone.

Overall, I think it shows they have a lot of confidence in the system – they’re not forcing it down people’s throats – but they’re still putting the information out there for people who are ready to trust this information and make a serious change in their lives.

Who’s This For?

I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who’s just looking for a few simple diet rules to follow, or someone who’s looking for a quick-fix. This is more of an in-depth nutritional and workout approach that takes a little more investment and effort, but the results will be real and noticeable.

I’d say it’s similar to having a professional nutritionist and personal trainer for 12 weeks, helping you to stay on track and make the right decisions. This doesn’t mean it gives you instant results, but it does help you stay motivated, and it virtually guarantees that you’re moving in the right direction, without spinning your wheels on inaccurate information that leaves you frustrated.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Most people will begin to see some results within the first week (whether that’s in the mirror, or weight loss on the scales), but you’ll typically find that the results compound over time, with the most noticeable differences being obvious over the 12 week time frame. It’s well worth taking some before and after pictures to see the kind of progress you can make in just a few months. You can go through the program several times, too.

Of course, if you have a considerable amount of weight to lose, it can take awhile longer. But take comfort in the fact that you’ll be seeing real changes each month, which really helps you to stay motivated over the longer haul.

My Conclusion

Overall, this is one of the best diet & workout programs I’ve had the pleasure of following recently. While it won’t work miracles without any effort, it does give you a clear blueprint to follow, as well as effective diet & exercise strategies that are virtually guaranteed to be effective if you stick to them over 12 weeks. The only thing that’s required of you is to really commit to the program for 12 weeks and give it your best shot! If you’re willing to do this, then you’ll be blown away by the results you can achieve.

My first 12 week cycle was quite challenging as I was quite out of shape to begin with. I’ve now been through the course several times, and I still use the principles for maintenance. I have to say that it’s served me very well. I really like the concept of the Venus Index, and it means I can focus on my key problems areas, so I know I’m getting the maximum results from my time, all without having to train any more than 3 times a week.

The course is very well put together, and you can tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into making this one of the best resources available. It’s clear that the creators aren’t just looking to make a quick buck. They seem to genuinely care about the results people achieve with the system, which is refreshing to see.

Additionally, this system is cheaper than many other programs I’ve used in the past, and it’s been far more efficient and effective for me. Because of this, the Venus Factor currently gets my top recommendation if you’re looking get in shape, and obtain the best feminine figure you’re capable of achieving. To find out more or get yourself a copy, click here to visit the official website. It’s something I can really recommend!