Wartrol – My Detailed Review

Please note: If you’re planning to order Wartrol soon, do make sure you use the official website, to ensure you don’t mistakenly order a cheap imitation copy – otherwise you may not achieve the same results.

Okay, I’ve recently been receiving questions from readers about a product known as Wartrol. It seems people have been struggling to find real, objective information about this product, so being a natural health enthusiast (and natural skeptic), I’ve decided to set aside a few hours to really dig into what this product is all about.

So on this page I’m going to examine the ingredients, the claims, the user reviews, and find out whether to really lives up to the hype.

If you’ve just come across this page, and you want to know the truth about this product (without all the over-hyped claims and sales talk), then you’ve come to the right place. By the time you’ve finished reading, you should have a better understanding on the pros and cons of Wartrol, and whether it’s worth considering as a valid treatment.

To start with, Wartrol is designed specifically to be a remedy for warts caused by the HPV virus, and because warts can be a sensitive and embarrassing topic to deal with – it’s certainly understandable why seeking a discreet treatment online is a desirable option for most people (although it’s always wise to talk to your doctor, too).

However, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible, rather than waiting for them to disappear naturally. While it can be possible for warts to disappear naturally over time, there’s an equally good chance that they will grow and spread – making the situation far more difficult to deal with, and can ultimately require more drastic and invasive treatments (so you really don’t want to hang around waiting for them to disappear by themselves).

An additional factor to consider, and something that is not often talked about, is the emotional effect that warts can have. If they are particularly visible and unsightly, it can really hurt your confidence and overall self esteem. If you have them in intimate areas of your body, they can also carry the negative social stigma associated with STI’s, and their unsightly appearance combined with the risk of transfer via skin-to-skin contact  means people sometimes suffer in silence for many years, even avoiding relationships and intimacy with others.

One of the great difficulties associated with the HPV virus is that even with conventional wart removal treatment, they can come back at a later stage. The virus can still survive even without the appearance of warts, or any visible signs on the surface of your skin.

For some people, conventional treatments have proven to be ineffective for removing particularly stubborn warts. In worst case scenarios, surgical intervention may be required to get rid of them permanently.

Due to these reasons, the appeal of a discreet, natural, and safe treatment for wart removal is certainly desirable for virtually anyone who is currently dealing with this issue. But could Wartrol be the answer to this problem? To find out, let’s first take a closer look at some of the claims.

The Claims

Fortunately, the official wartrol website doesn’t make any unrealistic claims that should make a reader skeptical. The main claims made by the product are that it’s a clinically proven treatment for treating warts, the ingredients are approved by the FDA, and that it offers an effective way to remove warts in the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, the product doesn’t require a prescription, but it still uses similar ingredients to the treatments you would find at your physician’s office, (as we will see later, where I’ll cover the ingredients in depth).

The Company 

The company that creates Wartrol is called Health Buy Ltd, and they’re part of the Natural Products Association, (who are quite particular over who they allow into their association). In this time, the company have created a range of natural health products for a variety of health issues, and they seem to have a good reputation overall. The majority of their products have received good reviews from health professionals and customers alike, so there isn’t any reason to be skeptical about the company.

They predominantly sell their health products over the internet, but they also have a reliable return policy which can be claimed on if you’re unsatisfied with any of their products. Of course, it’s best to make sure you only purchase from their official website to ensure you’re eligible for these guarantees (and avoid any of the cheaper imitations you may find elsewhere).

So now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at some of the key features which make Wartrol quite appealing compared to other wart treatments.

Wartrol Doesn’t Require A Prescription

The main active ingredient in Wartrol is Salicylic acid, which is commonly used in wart treatments that are available via prescription. It’s also of a relatively high concentration at 17%, which isn’t always found in over-the-counter products, as these are often lower, around the 5% mark.

This means Wartrol is easily one of the most powerful formulas available, especially without a prescription. This is good news for people looking for a discreet, private treatment that has a good chance of being effective. Because wartrol uses one of the strongest formulas on the market, you should certainly see quick results.

It’s an Easy To Use Treatment

One of the good things about the Wartrol treatment is that it’s very straight forward to use. This is especially important for at-home treatments, because you don’t want to have any risk of using the treatment incorrectly and not getting the results you’re looking for.

It also comes with a convenient drop applicator, which makes it quick and simple to apply the solution to the affected areas, without having too much contact with the surrounding healthy skin. This is important, because the formula is quite strong, and you only want to be using it on the hardened skin of the wart, rather than damaging the healthy surrounding skin.

There are 4 main steps to using the formula.

Step 1 – Dip the applicator into the bottle and collect a few drops worth of the formula.

Step 2 – Apply the liquid over the wart, and allow it air dry.

Step 3 – Allow the formula 20 minutes to work, without drying the area. During this time, the formula works its way into the skin and gradually begins to break down the wart.

Step 4 – Repeat this process every day, until the wart has fully disappeared.

Effective Results At Home

There are a variety of wart treatments available via prescription or over-the-counter, but Wartrol appears to be one of the most popular and effective choices. Compared to alternatives such as wartamin, compound w, dermisil, acv, aldara, terrasil, and many more – Wartrol consistently scores well and receives good feedback.

It’s safe to say that the powerful ingredients make it more powerful than “natural” treatments like apple-cider vinegar, too. This means it’s one of the most  “effective”natural wart removal treatments available, which doesn’t even require a visit to the physician’s office.

So How Does Wartrol Work?

While the main active ingredient is salicylic acid, it also contains additional ingredients such as ethyl alcohol, menthol, ascorbic acid, and polysorbate-80. These help to support the removal of the wart by hydrating the healthy skin and allowing the main ingredients to have their intended effect.

The scientific name for this process is called Keratolysis, which is simply the name given to the process of  breaking down the tougher layers of skin which form to create the wart. By breaking down these layers and supporting the healthier skin, the virus weakens, and the wart peels away over time.

How Does Wartrol Stand Out From Other Treatments?

One of it’s main advantages is that it’s available to order online, because discretion is one of the primary things people are looking for when it comes to this type of wart removal treatment.

It’s also reassuring to know that many of the ingredients used in Wartrol are also found in prescription treatments. This means you can have the benefits of professional treatment without leaving your home. Additionally, it may mean you can remove stubborn warts without turning to surgical intervention or “freezing” technology, which can be a little too aggressive and painful for sensitive areas.

What Are Real Wartrol Customers Saying?

On the official Wartrol website you will find several testimonials from happy users of the product, but of course, many people are skeptical of what the official website may say. However, after researching genuine customer reviews from reader comments, forums, blogs, and 1st-person accounts, it seems that the general consensus is that Wartrol is an effective and legitimate treatment for a variety of wart types.

There are the occasional negative reviews to be found, which are usually from people who are over-eager for the wart to be gone, and expect the treatment to provide an almost “instant” result. Perhaps the official website could be a little clearer on this, but it can take several weeks or even months for the wart to be removed with this type of gentle treatment. It isn’t a “freeze” formula which is used for some warts, and such a treatment wouldn’t be suitable for sensitive areas.

Additionally, you may want to use the treatment a for a little longer to fully ensure the wart has disappeared, as it may come back again if it hasn’t been fully eradicated with the treatment, as explained earlier.

The Pros

  • Effective and reliable treatment for most types of wart.
  • Cheaper than many alternatives.
  • Uses one of the most powerful formulas available.
  • Doesn’t require a prescription.
  • Doesn’t have any nasty negative side effects (as long as you follow the directions).
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes in discreet packaging.
  • Comes with a free additional bottle when you order from the official website.
  • Uses proven ingredients.

The Cons

  • Can take a few weeks to remove a wart entirely.
  • Can be difficult to find unless you buy from the official website. (Keep away from ebay, those products are often cheap knock-offs and aren’t a legitimate source).
  • Can seem like it’s not working in the early stages. (As with all wart treatments, a little patience may be required).

My Conclusion

If you’re looking for some reassurance that Wartrol is an effective treatment for warts, then look no further. Based on my research, it’s one of the most popular and effective at-home treatments available, and it will allow you to get rid of warts discreetly and privately in the comfort of your own home.

If you do decide to make a purchase, make sure you place your order on the official website, to make sure you’re eligible for the free additional bottles, and the money back guarantee.